About us

HomeBuyIsrael is an American real estate investment company with over 20 years’ experience
helping our customers find the perfect luxury home. The company was founded in Israel and focuses
on the Israeli high-end real estate market. Known in the industry as one of the leading real estate
investment firms in Israel we specialize in promoting and marketing high end real estate properties
in some of the most sought-after locations across the country. We work with clients from all over
the world and can help foreign investors locate the right property and navigate through all the legal
issues and paperwork.

Our team of expert has curated a list of exclusive and high-end properties in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv,
Herzliya and Caesarea. We also work with clients from Israel and abroad who are looking for
potential real estate investment opportunities. We’ll help you locate the perfect house or villa in
some of the most prestigious and in demand locations in the country.


No commercial projects or buildings

From the very start HomeBuyIsrael has chosen to forgo commercial real estate properties and
instead has been exclusively focused on the private sector including luxury homes and villas across
the country. This allows us to specialize in finding the most exclusive and luxury properties for all our
customers from around the world. Over the years we’ve partnered with some the biggest firms
which allows us access to such exclusive properties.


Service at the highest level

Since the company was founded, we have been focused on providing the highest level of customer
service to our clients. We’ve chosen to model ourselves after countries like the United States which
are known to provide a different level of service. We strive to answer all your questions in a quick
and timely fashion and our team of agents are available to help 24/7.


Helping you out every step of the way

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect property especially if you live in foreign
country and are looking to invest in the Israeli real estate market. In order to calm your fears and
help make the process easier and more pleasant each new customer will be assigned a rep to help
guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Whether you have questions about the
market or need help processing forms and getting approvals someone will be there to help and
guide you every step of the way.

Buying, selling, and investing in Israeli luxury real estate is what we do!

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